How do I use the SAFE browser?

I build the Safe Beaker browser from github and the first thing I get to see is this:

SAFE Launcher does not appear to be open.

Now if I understand correctly, SAFE Launcher is going to be discontinued, so why is that still there?

Next, there’s a button next to the refresh that toggles the SAFE Network.
But I don’t see a tooltip that could tell me what it means.
I had to infer this from seeing the icon change status after choosing this from the menu.

Beyond that, where are the apps? Where and how can I create a site?
Where can I visit a startpage or search site?

I also see a warning in the Dev console:

beaker:builtin-pages.js:517 Dat plugin is required for the Archives page.

Use the safe_browser from MaidSafe Github. That’s the current one. Joshuef’s Breaker browser is the old one.

Can get here:

I pulled it from git, but I only noticed now that I pulled it from the master branch. Is that still old?

Yes, for now you need to use the dev branch :slight_smile:


I’ll start with 0.2.0 first.


0.2.0 didn’t bulid for me.
The git dev version did and clicking on the launcher now brings me to the SAFE Authenticator.

I’m being asked to enter an invite code.

I can’t find the thread but I remember seeing that you could put any random string in for invite code when testing. At least that’s what I think I remember. I’m looking still. But in either case @bochaco?


Yes that’s correct - just put anything in there


Anyone else think it’s a good idea to remove this from mock-routing builds? Or at least put a line that explains that it’s completely unnecessary and that you can enter any random string for mock?

Don’t want new devs getting put off by it


Now that I’m in I see an empty datatable of Authorised applications.

Are there any applications I can test? Where and how can I create a site?
Where can I visit a the main search site?


I believe the email app is testable at the moment. Should be in safe_examples

How can I add an application? Go to the email apps read me folder for build instructions.

For build and example apps I suggest you check out this thread:


I have done the same as the site brings you the Git page for the old downloads.

Maybe it should be redirected to this page. I am new to this and for anyone that doesn’t want to spend the time trying to figure it out and look into it this could potentially put them off and make them think its not working properly.