How do I start developing an App?

Depends what you want to build etc.

You can read about the two main supported APIs:

Mobile is not supported yet, but MaidSafe have started work on a Java based API (I forget the precise flavour).

There’s a developer forum which is great for questions about the APIs and has extra information for developers such as:

You can test your apps live with Test 19 or use a local development setup such as mock-routing (as in the above “How to”).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


So for web apps we use the beaker safe app plugin? That’s good to know I didn’t realize

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node.js is a server and needs a package manager such as npm or ng. All of which could be built with angular/cli. Am I correct in assuming that Angular is the preferred method. also angular.js is good for mobile.

This is the easy way of accessing the API for desktop apps, which also leaves you free of any licensing restrictions (if you link directly with the Rust libraries you must GPL your code for example). If you wanted you could develop in another language (Python, C# etc, but MaidSafe do not currently provide the necessary ffi bindings for this, so you’d have to create that yourself first). Bindings for other languages will no doubt be provided by MaidSafe or others in due course, but this is the easiest route for now.

The framework preference is yours, but yes you’ll need to use a package manager such as npm or yarn etc as MaidSafe have done with their desktop examples.