How do I move/sell MaidSafe coins from my Bitcoin wallet?

Hi all, still a bit new to all this. Ages ago I somehow ended up swapping some BTC into MaidSafe coins (SafeCoins?!) that are somehow “attached to” my bitcoin wallet. I am unsure how to go about getting these MaidSafe out e.g. to send to someone or even sell. Surely I’d just be sending bitcoins? Please help! Thank you.

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  1. Create an omniwallet account at
  2. Import the private key from your bitcoin address into the wallet.
  3. Use the wallet’s “send” feature to send out the money.

Thank you!

I’ll give this a go later and report back if any problems arise.

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I’d be interested in knowing how much you made! (don’t sell yet! Not before launch!)

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It’s just to be prepared really, and because I was amused I’d left some coins hanging around in an old wallet! No particular plans to sell, just so I know how it works.


Note: if you have BTC on that address, then, by sharing your private key, you’re giving access to that money, too. Not that I don’t trust (or trust) omniwallet, but it’s worth to note anyway.

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Noted, thanks @Tim87.