How do I mine / farm Maidsafe?

I have available space on my Ethereum rigs to be a part of the Maidsafe “farming” community. Is the progress far enough along for me to receive Maidsafe tokens to my Polinex Wallet address? If so, how do I set up my computer?

MaidSafeCoin cannot be farmed.

All the coins (tokens) were issued 2 years ago and no more are being generated

For info on SAFEcoin farming do a search. There is no SAFEcoin yet so no farming of them yet

One topic is Safecoin Farming 101


Thanks for posting a quick reply! I spent about an hour searching for information, and couldn’t find what I was looking for. Amazing concept. I can’t wait to get more involved!


I wonder if MAIDSAFE coin holders will get their TESTSAFE coin equivalent in BETA? And when approx. would that happen?
Or am I wrong and we will use MAIDSAFE coins through BETA? imo nothing wrong with that… and I would love to farm some ^^

Even though I am regarded as witch on this forum, don’t scorch me this time, please :slight_smile: Just want to have clarity in these topics.

As far as I know at this time TestSafeCoin will simply be farmed. We will likely be given a certain number (or equivalent in PUT balance) when we open an account.

Test SafeCoin will be worthless as far as trading them on say Poloniex and unlikely they could even be listed with any exchange.


A final version of testsafecoin will end up suddenly becoming real safecoin as I understand it. When the devs are happy they will simply announce that testsafecoin has become the real thing. That’s the impression I got in previous discussions anyway. This will incentivise lots of people to be involved with testfarming etc in the latter stages since we’ll all be hoping our testsafecoins suddenly become the real deal.

I don’t think you’re a witch Marcel and I’m sorry you feel a bit ‘scorched’ dude :wink:

Traders take profit, the ecosystem is still so young that many in here kind of resent seeing any value leaving it. I hope you don’t feel too picked on. A free market is just that and traders taking money out of the system has to be expected and accepted.

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No witch for me, whatever that would mean :slight_smile:
I dont think Maidsafecoin will be used anytime soon, but maybe the conversion tool (for safecoin) will be tested with MAID in beta? But it will only be testcoins. They can’t make it the real coins, imo, as that would go against what they stated about how it will be conducted.

I doubt a lot of ppl will be willing to use their MAID for beta. I wouldn’t, but then again I will even go so far as to wait for a long time (if possible, that is) after 1.0 before I will put all on the safenet. One Bug and it might all be gone…

@portillo Welcome!

Yeah I think you misunderstand me. No one will need to transfer their maids into safecoin initially. Most will indeed wait to be sure that it is really safe to do so.

However, testsafecoin will keep being upgraded and reset until one day it doesn’t need to be any more. At that point the testsafecoins that have been farmed will become real safecoins.

That’s how I understand the process anyway, happy to be corrected if I have the wrong end of the stick.

I don’t think so. I suspect they will wait for that. It can be tested easily enough when live with no great risk… they can test it in-house before allowing users to exchange their MAIDs, so I suspect this will only be offered once the full network is up-and-running.

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David spoke once about this possibility but, I think, was only one of their multiple ideas. I personally doubt it done this way.

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@neo @rand_om @Jabba @digipi thanks for answers… I wonder how this will work out. Using real MAID coins would reveal more bugs than using TEST coins as people will start finding ways how to get more MAID not TEST. Would be cool to include bug bounties :sunglasses:

We need many people to start using it, to simulate the traffic of live environment. Let’s say if we Beta test with real MAID coins and attract millions of users then there is not much stopping us from becoming the platform of data storage (and more) for MU2 :imp:

That is a shame. Can you offer your opinion on how Maidsafe could make things easier? What was missing and where should it have been? Thanks

I am about 3 months into alt currencies, and currently run a 6 GPU rig, mining Ethereum. Not bad for a 57 year old guy.

Finding instruction code for the CMD prompt, or downloadable miner progtams isnt so crystal clear for a newbie. I would have assumed my extra storage space is available for beta testing, whether or not I was able to monetize it.

I want to be part of something amazing, and couldnt quite determine where you were in the process nor understand the conversation. For me, it needs to be “Farmer program is expected to begin in 2018”.

I guess this is part of the learning process. :blush:


57 eh? My 27 year old geek nephew cant do what you’ve done. You should be very proud of yourself.

Things have never been crystal clear on when Maidsafe will launch but there should be no reason you wont see “farming” before 2018. If it isnt before 2018 , its unlikely there will be this forum, so youll have nowhere to complain :wink:


Will there be any ICO or coin offerings for MAIDSAFE coin ?

Nope, just the usual exchanges. But you can farm what you need to use the network once it launches and we get to real SafeCoin rather than just MAIDs. Until then it’s just exchanges afaik.

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Yes, that does make sense @Jabba, keep up the good news.
I’m keen to use the SAFE network.