How do I get my Maid coin back if it is lost in the blockchain?

I attempted to transfer my MaidSafe Coin but I did it incorrectly and now it is lost in the blockchain!! How do I get it back?

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You need to provide more information. Where did you send it?

I sent it to an address from Coinbase prior to turning it into BitCoin. I am fairly new to this and thought I did this correctly but I now know the mistake I made and have transferred plenty since then. I have the transaction ID and the address it was sent to but Coinbase wasn’t willing to assist.

If Coinbase won’t help then it’s gone I’m afraid, no way to get it back most likely.

I’m not surprised they won’t expose one of their cold wallets just to get your MAID out. They have a lot more at stake than you :wink:

If it is hundreds of thousands then perhaps you could offer an incentive, but if you’re talking hundreds or even a few grand then you can basically say goodbye to it afaik. I’ve never heard of anyone recovering their crypto from an exchange in these kinds of circumstances personally.

If you’re ever using a crypto asset for the first time it always pays to try it with a micro tx to make sure you know what’s happening and that you’ve done it all correctly.

If it makes you feel any better I lost 1Ti of IOTA earlier this year (worth over $1M at the high). There’s no way I can ever get that back, so just focus on the fact that “it could be worse” :wink:

No counter-party risk means you have to be very careful and sensible. Sounds to me like you’ll just have to chalk this one up to experience.


Sadly, I kind of assumed that It might be lost forever. I appreciate your response. It wasn’t a ton of money… less than 2 grand but I was told that someone in the MaidSafe community might be able to assist.

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Sadly coinbase control the private key to the address you’ve sent it to, so only they can access that money.

A couple of grand in MAID now could be worth a lot more in 12 months. Perhaps it is worth contacting them again if/when it spikes a lot to offer them an incentive (they can have half or whatever). At the end of the day it is accessible, just not to you and it’s not worth them taking security risks to get you your money back.

Give me your transaction ID. I want to make sure it’s lost forever.


You will be able to check that for me??

Well I want to make sure that we’re understanding each other correctly. Your transaction ID will tell me the story.

I think people are assuming you sent the coins to coinbase simply because coinbase won’t help you, but I think it’s possible you sent your coins else where, and in your confusion contacted coinbase technical support, and they wouldn’t help you because generally they’re just not helpful.

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