How do I donate my hardrive space to the MaidSafe Network? How do I farm?

Hi guys,

I’m not sure why I can’t find a clear step-by-step process for this, but how do I contribute my storage space to the MaidSafe network?

I’m a novice, I would appreciate your help.

Hi @carlosb and welcome to the forum. You can’t farm SafeCoin yet as it doesn’t exist. The network is still in testing mode. Farming will only be possible once it is fully live, not for a while yet.


Thank you! I figured I wasn’t going crazy. I was referred to Maidsafe a few weeks ago and wanted to donate my space to the network. I’m looking forward to when I can make this happen. Eager to learn more.


Maybe in 2 years when it goes live

So the most we can do now is just buy the coins?

Maidsafecoins are proxy tokens that will be traded 1:1 with Safecoin at network launch.

There is a test network running that allows you to use the network and develop apps, but no support for running a vault at home at this time.

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