How do bloggers make Safecoin?

I think it’s great that SAFEPress (a SAFE version of Wordpress) is in the making… I somewhat see how the developers of SAFEpress would make safecoin. But how would the bloggers that use SAFEPress get paid Safecoin for the content people are reading? Traditionally, bloggers would get paid with advertising…

Would bloggers get paid Safecoin by page views? It would be nice if bloggers got paid for how long someone is on their blog, but then what about people that just leave the blog on their screen and leave their computer? Maybe it would be possible to monitor user interaction, such as scrolling and mouse clicks to determine if user is idle.

How would developers of SAFEpress get paid Safecoin? Is it when someone logs into SAFEpress? What if someone just leaves the app open all the time?

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By GET, if I assume correctly. The more GET request, the PUT content creator will earn safecoin.


AFAIK there are several scenarios under consideration.

This thread convinced me that rewarding via PUT was the most feasible. That’s not to say there aren’t other suggestions with merit though.

What’s cool about this model is if the APP gets paid with PUTs, there may be a way for that APP to give a portion of it’s profits to the content creators. That would also lead to the APP with the best average of creator rewards vs user friendliness to become most popular.

EDIT: Check out what N99 is doing and how they plan to pay content creators. It is similar to the example that I outlined.

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I would caution against this line of reasoning as it is very similar to mass surveillance. So much so that I choose to treat it as suspicious.


All data on SAFE gets “signed” to its creator (uploader) after it is uploaded to the network. ALL DATA.

So, if a blogger puts up a blog (or an artist puts up a mp3 or a writer uploads a e-book etc etc etc) then they get paid in SafeCoin based on how many people view / access / download it.

So a blogger who uses SAFEpress or anything else would get paid for their blog traffic (measured in GETs).

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Only if the uploader supplies a pay-address. The ID is not loaded into the data or metadata, only the optional pay-address into metadata if the uploader supplies it…

EDIT: what about public uploads? is there extra metadata stored? I have wondered about this and maybe my statement above needs a modification?