How confident are you that Maidsafe will deliver?


Peter Todd seems very emotionally invested in Bitcoin. I would expect him to be critical of SAFE, whether or not he had valid criticisms.

Technically-minded people definitely should evaluate whatever criticisms he comes out with, though.


Maid have a good team behind them and I’m reasonably happy and confident! I am also holding MAID coins, even if price dropped on last days: I read an article time ago where you can easily understand the target price is far away from actual quotations


He thinks of “consensus” as “blockchain consensus”.

My guess is that he visited MaidSafe and, like Daniel Larimer who did the same with similar results, found what MaidSafe is doing to be too different to understand. I respect both of them very much, and could be I’m in a delusion of the non technical. But I also respect David Irvine and think he has a vision these others haven’t taken the time to understand.


Details in the technical design of SAFE have changed a bit through the last few years which has probably also helped confound casual observers. 1000+ crypto projects in the space now, no one has time to look that deeply at many of them, let alone keep their finger on the pulse of a huge project that’s still ‘in development’. I have spent my days doing little else for the last two years and of the small fraction I’d claim to know something about I’ll bet most of what I know is either outdated, incomplete or based on false assumptions. It takes a hell of a lot of work to have a ‘qualified opinion’ about most of these crypto projects really, but something like SAFE takes a particularly enthusiastic and concerted effort. I think that’s true no matter how smart and unbiased some commentators could potentially be.


I have to disagree. I am solidly on the Bitcoin train, since buying my first coins at $6 in mid 2011. However, I am also solidly on the MaidSafe train, having bought my first ones at 1.5 cents, and adding to my stash significantly over time.

I do not see any contradiction in this. Why? Because I saw the potential of Bitcoin to disrupt the existing financial order, and I saw MaidSafe as equally disruptive of the communications/data management order.

To me, both technologies represent game changing, even world changing potential and I’m “all in” on both :slight_smile:


We’re not in disagreement. I was referring to those who are bitcoin maximalists and view safecoin as an app coin or a distraction.

I wish I’d made the wise actions you have re purchases and holding. I had the concept but not the execution.

I actually see a number of very good uses for bitcoin or other blockchains that SAFE may not provide, which will be very valuable in coordination with SAFE. For instance, putting the hash address of data stored on SAFE onto the blockchain such as Factum is doing. That will really disrupt Factum’s business model as part of what they’re doing is perpetuating the data. The time stamp and Proof of Work behind the blockchain adds something the I’m not sure when/if SAFE will provide.

My point is that some are fixed on the one solution to the exclusion of anything that doesn’t fit that paradigm.


It already has. The safe network is fantastic.
Your question is whether or not Safecoin will deliver.


I would disagree with this IF IT WERE NOT for the test vault network which worked very nicely last year. Because of that I can say conclusively that you are correct. They’ve already delivered on the network IMO, now they’ve just gotta prove the economy works, then its off to the races.


I don’t think anything is proved until the man in the street that doesn’t understand tech speak can just turn on their computer and start using Safe. I’m confident it will happen


So is bitcoin not proven? The average person has bugger all idea about that other than ‘oh the funny money’ :slight_smile:

Would be awesome to have everyone included but even if only single specific use cases come out of this journey it’s still a big winner both financially and ideologically. We already have a tonne of innovation and disruption ready to unleash.

The network is a proven winner already in my small unimportant opinion :wink:

Both on the same page though, very confident :+1:


I was formerly involved in a RAID disk storage product. This involved splitting data into packets and storing the packets in different places including distributed across a network. The mechanism for doing this was hard but the difficulty of what to do when errors occurred, for example one of the packets of data being unavailable, was much harder. Another knotty problem is when data is changed from two sources at once.

I don’t under-estimate the difficulty that Maidsafe faces but we did it with our product which was highly successful so I know it can be done.


Did maidsafe prove autonomous network or they will try to prove autonomous in next alphas?


I’d say that the design is inherently autonomous but that implementation has not proven it can survive that way yet. There are a lot of aspects that take fiddling with and sorting out on the engineering level before it will be proven as a whole to be autonomous.

Self authentication, self encryption, close group consensus, anonymity, and pretty much all of the individual components have been proven out, shy of full autonomous operation. Building these out, integrating all of that together, handling edge cases, etc., is a huge deal that will take a while.

Data Chains, network restart, etc., have a lot of work to do that will bear on it as well.

That’s my take on what I understand your question to be, anyway.


I don’t have any information on which to make a judgement. I do think the task is hugely ambitious and I have enough experience to know that the more complex a task is the less likely it is to succeed. Software development is much harder than the layman can conceive.


Well, questioning if goals will be met doesn’t really help, so let’s just get it done!


Do we also get the email notification after the latest update or development milestone reached ?


I feel confident that maidsafe will deliver but I am also concerned that they will lose the first mover advantage if it delays too long.


Who will beat them to the punch of owning your own data? I’ve not yet found another autonomous network designed to allow users to literally own their data? There are many other projects touting some similar functionality but none are anything like SAFE really.


Development updates are provided weekly. Just create a shortcut to the Development Update tgread and check every Thursday or Friday depending where in the world you are. And as for milestone updates, there are digital marketing staff recently hired so you can expect louder drums beating around major milestones


Great, thanks mate.
Hopefully this works will be truly materialize next year.