How can SAFE prevent Human Trafficking

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User T claims:

With décentralisation and anonymity comes all the unwanted and harmful aspects that come with total freedom:
-Human traficking

…and asks:

Has there been any talks about how this could affect society and the safeguards to prevent such activity?

So let’s discuss that: how can SAFE prevent Human Trafficking?

Could the Foundation require all criminals to register with the Safe Foundation, or voluntarily report and document their human trafficking plans on public SAFE shares, so that they can be apprehended and sentenced in court of law?

Another idea is that the Foundation asks that all who are not criminals avoid using the SAFE network. That would make it easy to identify criminal users (all of them) and the authorities could simply summarily arrest anyone who creates account on the SAFE network as that alone would constitute self-incriminatory evidence sufficient to get them sent to jail.

I think both of these approaches are interesting, but the first is more secure because the size of the network would be bigger and evidence couldn’t easily be tampered with.

It this a serious question?

Safe can’t prevent it , it is a automated , user defined decentralized and secure network , The police on the other hand could perhaps try to prevent human trafficking , oh no wait…they get delivered conclusive proof of top UK politicians molesting a child and they sweep it under the rug for another day


Seriously … This line of reasoning about all the criminal activity was in that topic you linked to

The second post in that topic answers your and the Anon user T question(s)

which he quotes David

We get this a lot. The real bad folks as opposed to the mistakenly inquisitive etc. are on the internet at the moment using a myriad of very hard to setup security and crypto. What MaidSafe does is makes everyone on the planet on the same playing field in terms of security.
People who are evil etc. will still need to be tracked down by other means as they are now.
Don’t need forgiveness for the question, it’s exhausting for us as we answer it an awful lot, but undeniably an important question, so no prob. Watch this though we will now get the completely way off track accusations on this thread now calling us all sorts of evil people because we allow A or B or C, it is tiring and those people are obsessed and way on a far side of the debate. Its like politics or religion I think :slight_smile:

And your proposal that only crims use SAFE is nonsense which I am sure you already know

Does this topic further any discussions of the SAFE network? Seeing as they have been discussed to death in an almost political style discussion in the topic linked

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