How can I Transfer Maidcoin into a Bitcoin Wallet?

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Loving the concept and the sound of all your hard work so far. So much so I’ve recently invested in some Maidcoin. That said I’ve got a few newbie questions. Sorry if they’ve been asked elsewhere or a millions times before but I can’t find any simple dummies step by step guide on how to transfer Maidcoin into a Bitcoin Wallet. From what I can gather reading other posts it appears to be possible. Basically I have a few Bitcoin paper wallets that id like to transfer my maidcoins. Can anyone help?

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Check out the vids here:

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Welcome to the forum, take a look here:

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Much appreciated guys and thanks. Will check out the links and hopefully I’ll have no more questions. :smile:

This video shows you how to import a private key to omniwallet

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Can I ask what will happen when the actual safecoin is released? I gather it will be a straight 1-1 basis. If so how will it happen? In other words, will I have to transfer out my Maidcoin from my Bitcoin wallet to somewhere then resend into the Bitcoin wallet the safecoin?

Sorry for the newbie questions and thanks.

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Yes, you’ll get a Bitcoinsaddress to burn the coins. But the website from maidsafe will see that you’ve burned and you’ll get the real Safecoin back for it. 1-on-1 indeed.

Thanks. I should have fully read your link before I asked. Slowly learning a bit more day by day. Would love to see this technology flourish as I just live down the road from where it’s being developed. Keep up the good work guys.

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Can I ask what’s the best method to transfer maidcoin out of a bitcoin paper wallet? Do I need to import the bitcoin paper wallet into, say, first? Or is that not even necessary?

The only way to do transfers of MaidSafecoin is with Omniwallet, so you need to import into that, then do the transfer. I think you’ll need to use Chrome though, as it doesn’t work in Firefox. You’ll find threads discussing using Omniwallet if you need more info.

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