How can I find the Files Container URL?

I uploaded a directoty with a very large no of node_module files. When it finally finished I went to get the URL to link it to an NRS name. Unfortunately because of the sheer no of files the info I needed was no longer in the terminal buffer.

Have I just filled the shared-section with useless garbage? What can I do to find the Container URL?

I can of course see some individual files but that’s not much use…


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I’d expect you’re stuck… I was wondering about this issue of FilesContainer not being declared in summary at end while scrolling up a few days back!

If you upload again, it won’t add stress to the network because it’ll just be counters updating on chunks that exist… it’ll just be the time and effort client side to repeat the exercise.

I’d suggest then channel the output to file, the head of which will be the FilesContainer.


safe files put ./www/ --recursive >  logfile
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Hmmmm, not sure if it’ll work, but you could try a dry run on the folder. This passes it through xorurl generation, which mayyy work. Or yeh, uploading again as @davidpbrown suggests may well get you there!

This is what Indexing should help sort out. (Automatically recording all PUTs in some common/retrievable/queryable location)


Would dry run on just one file, generate the same FilesContainer as for all?

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I think the best you could do as suggested is upload everything again, it will create a new FilesContainer at a random location with links to the same xorurls as before, i.e. the only new data stored on the network should be the FilesContainer. I guess what @davidpbrown suggested (... > logfile) would work to store the output this time where you can find the new location.


Almost tempted to suggest that safe files put ./X --recursive could be more simply a progress counter (8/10 files -> 9/10 files…) and then a simple summary stating the FilesContainer and an option to run safe cat for the detail.

FilesContainer created at: safe://hexample
do you want to run safe cat safe://hexample for file xorurls and other detail? (Y/N)

as it’s rather information overload when what is key is the one data point.

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