How Can I Buy some "MaidSafeCoins" with today?

Hi Guys!!

Due to the Poloniex problem that cannot accept anymore the “MaidSafeCoin”, could you show me how I can buy this “MaidSafecoin” currency with right now?

I created a “MAID Address” on my Chainrift account, but I don’t know how I can send Cash to this adress to buy some “MaidSafeCoins”.

Do I need to buy some Bitcoin on a Crypto exchange website first?
Can I buy it with a credit card somewhere?

Thank you!



Hello and welcome, which country are you from?

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Hi Franck.

The only active market on ChainRift is MAID/BTC. This means you need to buy BTC somewhere, make a deposit address on ChainRift, send the BTC, use them to buy MAID.


To expand on the answer, where and how you buy the BTC depends heavily on which country you are in.

If you are not in the US, I recommend using Bittrex as you can deposit directly with them and trade for MAID on the same exchange.

Otherwise, if you are in Europe, I would recommend using Kraken as they are dead easy to get money to and buy BTC. You would then need to send the BTC to either Chainrift or to Bittrex (deposits currently frozen, so no go)


I come from France! :wink:

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So you mean that the BTC crypto address will work to buy MadeSafeCoins with the ones Key address that Chainrift gave me?

Great, if you come a little later there will be a guide how to use the exchange. I understand from your questions that you do not know exactly how to act and there is a danger of confusion. Wait for the picture guide :dragon:

But in any case you will need bitcoin. You can buy Bitcoin by sending an euro SEPA transfer to either Kraken or

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Thank You Dask! I will try these two websites. But I don’t really want to trade. I obsiously just want to buy some MadeSafeCoins. :wink:

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Thank you Dimitar! I have an euro SEPA, I try your advice!

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Make sure you only send BTC to your chainrift BTC address (not the MAID address)!

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Ah? OK! So then after, I should buy some “MadeSafeCoin” using my chainrift BTC address & deposit. Exact?


Yes, once you have some BTC deposited you will be able to place orders for MAID.

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Again, there will be a guide shortly. Wait a second :wink:

@IdealSafeNetwork please see here for full instructions: