How bad could be the ISP to be acceptable for farming?

I have checked all my ISP’s hops and have found that the first hop outside my local network (it is switch) is bricking for 50 ms - 500 ms every 5 - 15 minutes and after it comes back to operate normally for another 5 - 15 minutes. During these 50 ms - 500 ms all incoming and outgoing packets are being lost.

Will 50 ms - 500 ms connection loss affect vault’s rank?
Will 50 ms - 500 ms connection loss makes the network count my vault as obsolete?
What are acceptable connection loss requirements for vaults so the vault could farm and not be punished by the network?

To find the problematic hop I have used
ping –f –c 1000000 X.X.X.X
for each hop IP address X.X.X.X on ISP network that routes my traffic abroad. For traffic analysis to double-check the issue I have used my router’s traffic analysis software.

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