How a Sanders type could quickly rid the House and Senate of Republicans and phony dems

And after that rid both of phony dems. First announce that that he/she is using fascist tools these stooges gave the executive branch including the FBI-PRISM-NSA… incredibly the CIA. And then simply hold press conference after press conference where he exposes the goods on these clowns and suggests the people do an immediate recall. Its very easy-this guy is a criminal idiot sell out, he’s also super weak because he took money took money to undermine your liberties and quality of life. This is who he took the money from, these are the lies he told you to get into office these are the lies he continues to tell. Once he was elected he spent 2/3 of his time grubbing for money promising to sell you out to stay in office. But if he is going to do this he better bring back something even stronger than the Fairness Doctrine and overturn Buckely v Valeo as soon as possible. He would also have to spend time reeducating them public on simple stats and the truth about the plan to take away all their security, privacy right and quality of life and drop martial law on them. Along the way he could simply dump all the classified stuff in the one fell swoop- better do without warning. What happened to Eric Cantor can happen to every Republican even if they were just elected. He would simply be ridding the government of scum.