Hover board



double post: Forbes covers Hendo hover board kickstarter


you’re right, wish I saw that 27 days ago I was so excited about it :slight_smile:


I saw somewhere where Japan had a hover bus for Airports. The picture showed a full size bus hovering on display at the airport. To me this is goosebumps kind of stuff. This tech doesn’t seem to require a lot of energy to suspend and it can be supplied on board. It means we can possibly have dual purpose roads that are like the non skid surfaces on a carrier runway. As such hover traffic becomes more prevalent it would be a huge reduction in resource load and spending that could go to other things and all this outlay for tar or oil would be cut and all that black heat surface reduced. Also with less contact on the surface stuff like solar roadways may be more feasible. If these are self driving cars the only moving parts may be the door handles.