Host on SAFE Network Tor Website Get 1000 Maidsafecoins

Ooh keee let’s have fun, I’m offering 1000 Maidsafecoin to whoever can upload public data on the SAFE Network and link that to a Tor website. There are some requirements.

  • you should make a video how you do it.
  • Your video should have over a 1000 views on whichever video platform you put it
  • You should write an article on the Tor reddit blablabla
  • You got to link to the Maidsafe forum, so Tor users can download the SAFE Network Alpha so they can take a spin.



I think this is asking a Bit too much. You can’t control how many people are going to watch it.

Perhaps changing this requirement to something that just says “don’t be poor quality” would be more reachable

Monero is worth $8.47, Dash is worth $11.87, they got this price tag because they are privacy minded. Heck Monero even got it’s own Motherboard article.
IMHO Maidsafecoin (SAFEcoin) should be worth at least $10 at the moment, because it’s privacy minded and even resource based money. If I’m going to give somebody $10000, you better get those thousand views.

“Bullet proof hosting (The Real Deal) + Tor”, should do the job to get 1K views. People only know how to host Tor websites on servers, well now there is a new way.