Hopkinsville ky

Looking for people who are sick and tired of being censored on local topixsites why is it certian people and city Goverment you can’t say a word ? Please stand up for freedom of speech … Thank you

Also not to have spammy websites like yelp and ratemd’s and just a bunch of noise and greed on the clearnet. Europe
what I have been reading already has brought lawsuits against amazon apple facebook and microsoft for business monoply practices. So who needs 63 billion to them selves that the new trust commerce will benefit the people and families with personally invite in to this new platform. Let's take our time I know the younger generation are hungery and have lots of billd to pay. I was a physician for 22 years and now I feel re -born to be part of something that can benefit us all for the workl and content and farming and this great for people that need a extra income that does not have to be in the 100's of millions. Even with my small project that I will eventually launch I have some great travel and experience with compensation to travel for some people always dreamed of ! Even if we have a small spin off alexa answer machine it should be timed and a question sent out to waiting children that will be on duty for that day in small town in Iowa and the kids who particiapate get 100,000 to split up to save for college. That’s resource economy if not will have to give a universal basic income eventually but with incentives to create and writie. Just my humble opinion from burnt out family doc cheers