Hong Kong

Nice to see

Colonists and their apologists put in their place :slight_smile:

Would you support a similar law for Holyrood to only have elected members who support a united united kingdom?

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Check out just who are the colonists.

In this case looks like big C is doing the colonising.

You still fighting the Opium Wars?
How did Hong Kong even become a thing in the first place?
Read your history and get back to me.

You have a most flexible definition of “democracy”.
The fact is any of the so-called “democratic” candidates are simply enablers and appeasers of the colonialism inflicted upon the people of China since the mid 1800s.
The days of the Fleming, Jardine and Matheson robber barons are over and no amount of whining from the old colonial powers is going to return them.
The Chinese have long memories and any foothold for the cancer of colonialism will be removed. Sell your HK shares now.

The fact that the British powers have been and still are being nasty does not imply that the Chinese powers are not. (Just like Trump being an abomination does not imply Clinton, Obama or Biden not being so.)


This is true - for various versions of “nasty”
Bottom line - is Hong Kong British or Chinese? Choose one and be prepared to defend your choice.

Enough of the western “whatabouttery”.

Exactly. Hong Kong is Chinese, has been since the Brits “lease” on it ran out some decades ago. So its up to China how it wants to govern its sovereign territory. NOBODY else. No matter how passionate a defender of “democracy” they pretend to be,

I have no opinion on that. I just wish all the people of Hong Kong as well as mainland China a good life. I don’t really get nationalism/patriotism. What I do understand is personal self-defense against anything or anybody, but it has nothing to do with some random politically drawn borders.

EDIT: Anyway, the Mongols might disagree with both interpretations…


HK Island and Kowloon were ceded by the Chinese, only NT was leased. Sure make no sense at all that HK was/is British. And if the only 2 options would be either China or Britain, than China ruling over HK makes more sense. But HK was separated from China for 150 years, that’s a long time. Most people there do not consider themselves Chinese (nor do they consider themselves British).

Europeans messed up the world by claiming foreign lands, drawing random borders, forcing their culture on to others, but what China’s doing atm has a lot of similarities with what the Brits did previously.


Why is British and Chinese the only options? I thought they wanted to be independent? And China was trying to force their control on them?

I’m really not read up on this stuff, curious to know more.

I don’t see it happening in practice in the near future, but if Scotland is allowed the choice to be independent, why not the same for Hong Kong?

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I don’t think there’s much reshuffling occurring - the new world order is global by definition - China has already proven that technology can be utilised by a political system to control millions of people. There is currently an attempt to implement this worldwide just to benefit its deluded architects who consider the rest of us ‘useless eaters’ wherever we may be. The people of Hong Kong are aware of the impending and realised danger - political imprisonments are already on the rise there. Thankfully resistance is growing across the world because without it people everywhere will be subjected to the pressures of living under the same totalitarian regime. The economic crash may be inevitable but the end result is by no means fixed in the elitist conspirators favour. This autumn isn’t billed as a barrel of laughs as ‘enhanced’ immunity meets and greets an updated set of pathogens, but I think less and less people are subscribing to the ‘syringe as saviour’ in this entirely contrived marketing drive - especially now that significant adverse effects, the presence of insidious nanotech and their interaction with increasing levels of IoT ready EMF radiation are more widely known about. People everywhere have plenty of good reasons to protest today.

(What is China′s world order for the 21st century? | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 29.07.2020)