Hong Kong Dev Meeting on Monday

Hey everybody, some of the MaidSafe Asia people are planning a small 1 - 2 day meeting in Hong Kong this coming Monday (27th) to organize some of their efforts.

They are flying a few people out and wanted to have someone from routing / SAFE backend to be able to attend. I suggested @qi_ma who I thought was already in Hong Kong, but they are also excited for @ustulation, @AndreasF, @Shankar or anyone else who would be free around the 27th - 28th.

Was having a hard time getting a hold of people so I thought I’d make this joint post. Anyone from the team who would like to visit would be very welcome, to give input on what is available to show to new SAFE devs in Asia.

Thank you!


I was planning a trip to Asia (but maybe for May or Jun) and I was thinking of participating in SAFE meetups/events over there if I had the chance. Do you know if they use any web site (like meetup.com) that I can join?


not that I know of, this is like a company organizational meeting

monday the 27th - 28th

they’d love to have your input on the DOM work you’re doing

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Ohh ok, maybe you can help me get in touch with the community over there who have meetups, like the guys from Korea. I’ll text you in a few days/weeks whenever I’m more certain of my trip dates.

@qi_ma ? @ustulation ? @Shankar ? @AndreasF ?

will this work for anyone?

Would be great if the trip can happen

What about a video linkup if they cannot make it.

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Hi, @whiteoutmashups,

I am based in Shanghai, and unfortunately cannot fly to Hong Kong without a special visa to be acquired first.
So cannot make it on Monday.



Ken @hungypoo and Alex VK (white hair from Krishna’s video) are the ones doing lots of the heavy lifting to make this event happen with MaidSafe Asia so let’s all welcome them to the forums and community!

I hope they read everything they can on the forums, because there’s so many years worth of great information to learn here


leaving in a few hours, just hope it goes well and everyone is safe and has a productive meeting. meeting Ken & AlexVK among others


I am sure it will go well for you. Be a great experience for you too. Soak it all up and be great and have a most excellent time. :smile:

BTW its going onto midday monday here for me :wink:


Can there be another HK meet soon? I’m based in HK and would love to meet some of you

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Possibly, will let you know if so

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