Honest question: How is SafeNetwork Better than / different than ICP?

Because I just heard the sales pitch from Bitboy or whoever he is on youtube and it sounds exactly the same to me as Safe Network…

(Broad strokes ---- very similar) No?

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Hi @cmbconcretefire,

look at this discussion:

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As far as I’ve read, it’s quite different - not anonymous, specialized hardware (at some level), and not all open-source (although they claim it will be in the future) …

Won’t have DBC’s either - so major win for Safe Network, and because of specialized hardware security is unknown. Big money is behind ICP … and that doesn’t come without strings - i.e. like facebook and twitter, the product is you.

Raises more questions for me… I’m a trader with a 5% “hope in my heart” that these projects last for humanity…

If I hosted my website / super cool etc on Safenetwork and had the #1 volume of people coming to my site… If I wanted my buddies to see it, they’d have to install the Safenetwork software as well. Correct?

  1. I think I know this already but has Safentwork really been audited out the wahzooo and can actually back up what their saying of being 100% decentralized ?

Neither project is finished yet … Safe Network is close though, ICP will probably take a lot longer but we will see … in both cases, there is no point in an audit until beta product is reached as changes are coming fast and furious to code.

As for access to sites on Safe Network, yes, you will need to run use the Safe Browser … much the same way you would need a Tor-enabled browser to access Tor network.

Also, it will be far cheaper - especially in the long run to build a website or app on Safe Network than even the regular Inet.

there is no point in an audit until beta product is reached

With respect, Aren’t we technically in Beta right now with Fleming on the testnet?

The fantasy is that everything will be encapsulated and secure, but the reality is that there will be centralized bridges from Safe to the old Internet.

Just look at Sia and Storj - there are bridges to the old internet. My personal view is that when Safe’s technology is proven, we will go through a 10-30 year process of setting up the network, and maybe one day the mass of people will be in Safe and there will be no intermediaries. Big maybe.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

No. We aren’t at Fleming yet - the testnets have been called ‘baby’ Fleming, but not Fleming. Beta will be Maxwell.

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Ah. That helps me conceptualize it. Thank you.

You left me a clue though, “the old internet” ---- ??? For reference, I was born in 1972 and am 48 now and I feel partly right when I tell the youngsters … > Don’t tell me how it works, I was there when the code was written. ---- They laugh. I know it’s only partially true. I’m sure the idea of internet was conceived probably a few years earlier than 72 but I mainly stand by my point. I’ve lived pre-internet and now…

Is there a “new” internet I need to know about, research and study up on or get run over?

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Well where do we go to test drive this testnet?

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Next one will probably be released this month. They’ve been buggy last few so they go up and come down fast - hopefully next one will be up for a few days. Just check the forum often - there will be a notice pinned at the top when it’s out with instructions.

Will be a few months I think before we have a stable continuously running testnet.

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If you haven’t read this document, it gives a very good idea of ​​the new internet:


Privacy. Security. Freedom