Home server as heater - Free heating, affordable cloud

By placing high performance servers in homes Nerdalize creates highly distributed cloud without the overhead cost of conventional datacenter.

Quite a smart idea and seems to be a good fit for Safenetwork.

How much do you spend on heating?


Something about having the heat on 24/7/365 does not appeal to me. Depends where you live I guess but few live in eternal cold.

Yes, very true. Here it is in the 30’s for most of summer. But we feel our winters are cool/cold, yet we see people from northern parts of UK/EU out sunbaking on the beaches in the dead of winter here

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My apartment becomes pretty warm in the summer. Would be great for the winter. Just watched the short video on their site and it’s supposed to be silent too. Just can’t see myself being happy with the extra heat in the summer :grin:

Fun fact: We talked about this almost 2 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Combine Nerdalize with the 10GB connections in the Netherlands and you might become the best SAFENET farmer. Their problem is: if Nerdalize doesn’t know about the SAFE Network by now, what are they doing?


I couldn’t see an answer on the website - do Nerdalise pay your electricity bill? I guess they must if they say it’s free heat.

This could be a great model for Safe once processing is a resource that can be sold through the network.

I don’t think storage only would generate much heat, but I guess people could share in Safecoin revenues of hosting a ‘Safe box’.

From the FAQ

"Will the Nerdalize Heater work during the summer?
Yes. Our Heater can expel excess heat to the outside when the homeowner does not require heating. This way we can compute at full capacity during winter and summer utilizing our hardware optimally.


Guess it would be even better if it could heat your water, you need that year round


You could use the heat for refrigeration (absorption refrigerator)


Aww I want that for my personal server/vault - heating during winter, cooling during summer!

SAFE may not prove to be the right problem for this solution. It’s looking like SAFE will do best for users with a ton of storage and bandwidth, or either where it is rare, will reap the largest reward. If looking to really burn watts, then one might look at mining zcash, as that would produce considerable waste heat.


I take your point on this, I guess I’d prefer not to do useless work just to generate heat. I guess it would just mean a loft full of hard drives!

It could be great for Golem, which is to processing what Maidsafe is to storage.

Speak for yourself dude I’m from Canada, we get cold winters here and heating/electricity bills can be brutal. I’m lucky enough to have utilities included.

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You could use the heat to power one of these:

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