Home network security

I’m having an issue at home and am curious if anyone could shed some light for me.

I usually connect to the internet via a network adapters that run the connection through my electrical sockets.

So PC to network adapter
Network adapter to its paired adapter
Paired adapter to virgin router.

Now I’ve turned off the viegin router and the paired adapter.

I should have no internet connection, but my connection persists and I can access the internet which worries me some what.

@neo any ideas? (20 chrs)

Did you press the buttons on the adapters during setup such that they negotiate their own encryption? They probably work out of the box, but would be using some default encryption. You suspect you’ve connected to your neighbor’s adapter? Resetting the encryption of your adapters should set it right.

Edit: something like https://www.tp-link.com/us/support/faq/258/?utm_medium=select-local

Is this a wired 100/1000 connection (i would assume this)

  1. Are you sure you were paired to your adapter at the viegin router and not your neighbour’s adapter (next door or a few doors down) because your power phase will connect to about 1/3 of your neighbors. If you are in the US then it would of necessity be very close to you (on same power transformer).

  2. Does your device have other methods of connection (eg WiFi)?

I did pair the 2 network adapters, so they shouldn’t be unencrypted / paired with another.

It is an Aztec homeplug 200mbps.

I believe I must be attached to my neighbour’s network , I saw a computer on the network that did not belong to me.
And my virgin router is still unplugged.
And yes it does have wife also.

I’ll try setting up the pairing again.


Is it perhaps wifi to your phone or (more unlikely) a free wifi thats close to you

Some of these devices pair real easy and have poor security and so could easily pair to another when powered off then on again.

No. All the wireless routers near me are password protected not open.

Has the computer ever used your phone as a hotspot?

But I’d say its the poor security in those adapters.

No. Nvr used my phone as a hotspot.

I’m leaning towards poor security adapters also.

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