Home Computers Connected to the Internet Aren't Private, Court Rules

People who create ownCloud type installations in their homes, so that their data does not live in a datacenter, but instead, enjoys the privacy protections that Americans used to enjoy in their personal dwellings, are less secure from their government than they were yesterday.

This reminds me of how courts tell you you can’t ask pension funds what is in the junk bond crap derivatives they invest in to get returns from blind risk. Its a practical issue. You can’t see inside that opaque sausage that is how the marketing casino games create extractive value. But we know what almost all the derivatives are doing in this world right now and that is insuring obsolete petrol technology and the bubble it is about to burs and with bail-ins as insurance on that. I wonder if the people who get rich off this next bubble burst will be able to physically survive, as its likely to lead to a global conflagration but I think also we will know exactly who is responsible and it will be have been completely forseeable.

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