Hitting up the podcast scene

I’ve become sort of a podcast junkie in recent years and it’s actually where I first heard about the SAFE Network. I heard about it from a 30-second blip from this podcast called “The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko” that was mostly talking about Bitcoin, but his guest just said he liked “this project called MaidSafe”. That one 30 second blip brought me to the Safe website and eventually to this forum. This guy Jack Spirko is a little eccentric, but he’s the type of person who would really appreciate this project and everything it’s trying to accomplish. I also just looked at his Facebook page and he has over 100k followers, which would be some great exposure for us. Any chance one of our core members would want to reach out to him for an interview?

I’ve also been listening to crypto 101 and Unchained recently, which are both well produced podcasts but with smaller audiences. I would think being a guest or advertising would be pretty affordable for either of these groups. They also are pretty crypto literate people, so I would think they could have a good framework to differentiate SAFE Network from other projects.

Another KILLER option would be to either be a guest or just advertise on the Tim Ferris show (~900k Facebook followers). That crowd is full of very curious people (like myself) with a wide range of interests who are prime canidates to latch onto this project.

BTW, if anyone hasn’t listened to the podcast Technology and Choice, there are some good interviews on there about the SAFE Network by @fergish