HitBTC: MAID traders beware?

Hey guys,

So I opened a new account on the HITBTC exchange, tried to withdraw under one btc as per their level one verification and received a “Account withdraw disabled, please use form”.

Anyone had any issues with this? Their policy clearly states level one allows 1 btc per day up to 5 btc per month without KYC.

I’m I going to have some issues with these guys?


Everyone needs kyc nowadays on hitbtc. That info about the 1 btc limit is false. They try to trick new people with it I think. You can open a support ticket and will get some standard response that you have to apply for kyc. This to create a healthy trading environment bla bla


Thank you, figured as much, I already sent the KYC, now have to wait for their slow ass. Experience on this exchange is not off to a good start :|.


Look to join Bittrex International if you are outside the US. Will save you pain likely.

Thank you mate, that’s where I usually trade. For some reason my account was having some validation issues yesterday and support had to fix it this morning.

Wish I waited and didn’t trade on HITBTC… now waiting on their KYC and hoping they don’t give me any issues so I can remove my bitcoin that are hostage on there!


Bittrex is now more intrusive, they are now asking proof of source of funds.

(They are asking to provide documented evidence, pay stub, bank statements, deeds, to list all crypto currency accounts in every exchange you may have an account…)

And they barely have any volume, so what’s the point.

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Can you show me examples where Bittrex asked source of funds lately? I used to use Bittrex heavily back when MAID was allowed for US users and had 0 issue.

Have fun:

Just in case the previous link fails, here you have it from another file hosting site:

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Sounds like the time has come to have some DEX. We need decentralized exchanges, otherwise whats then point of all this if we need to go through hoops just to be able to trade. This is getting more and more of a headache lately!


Regulations are good, if limited and forcibly applied to every person in the world by the design of the system. Complete kill-switches to disable common traders aren’t good. Like imagine uploading your ID to SAFE Exchange, accessible to no one (unless hacked which wouldn’t happen since SAFE is too secure when maximally used), and the non-human non-AI system checks to see if it’s criminal based on agreed upon definitions for being criminal, and if not then the sky is the limit. But not outer space… ok maybe space, too.
Just some thoughts. Happy 4/20.

Here you go:


That is awesome! That will be amazing when a Dex has high volumes and its no longer required to trade on any exchange out there!!