HitBTC: incorrect info about withdrawals

Earlier today, there was a comment on the Telegram safenetwork group by someone saying that HitBTC had told them that MAID withdrawals were being halted ‘due to a hard fork’.

Obviously this didn’t make any sense so I’ve been in touch directly with HitBTC - they’ve just confirmed that this was erroneous information shared by mistake.

tl;dr HitBTC confirmed they aren’t stopping MAID withdrawals - it was a mistake by one of their team in discussion to say so. Just wanted to share with everyone :slight_smile:

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On a side note - I sent hitBTC some litecoin a couple days ago and it still has not shown up. This was my 1st attempt to use them.

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How do you “accidentally” tell people a fork is going to happen? In general, avoid HitBTC to the best of one’s ability. The first & last time I ever used them cost me a few grand in real cost and the loss of a stash of coins that you can’t get from Bittrex or Poloniex. I’m so glad getting listed to additional exchanges is part of this year’s marketing plan.


@dugcampbell, respectively this is a misleading statement.

Should be no issue with that situation.

Many have reported trouble in this forum with their dealings with HitBTC, whether to deliberate scamming or just getting things wrong or overworked staff making mistakes/slow

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My LTC finally showed up


Nothing wrong except they price maid at near 25% less that poloniex or bittrex… I’ll pass I think! :slight_smile:

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WTF? Do you know what is the fee of withdrawal of MAID from HitBTC? There IS something really wrong with HitBTC!

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No worries - I’ve edited the comment now to clarify that the comment relates to this situation alone

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The insane withdrawal rate is probably the reason for this I guess. I would’nt wanna pay the exact same rate for MAID as on Polo either, if I have to pay hundreds of MAID to get them off of HitBTC.

Too bad that a low price on HitBTC probably means that the price on Polo and Bittrex will not really move upwards as well.

Thank you… anyway HitBTC is a scam IMO.

Hi Dug,

There still appears to be an issue with withdrawing MAID from HitBTC. I’m not sure if they have got round to resolving the issue yet or if something else has happened in order for them to freeze withdrawals.

Is there anything you can do to help out? It doesn’t really reflect well on the project when the biggest exchange by volume does this sort of thing for no explicable reason.

I’m still a big fan!

All the best,



Sorry but as was said a lot of times there… the majority of the volume on HitBTC is just wash trading from the side of the exchange. IMHO they also purposely create room for arbitrage most of the time in order to attract deposits.

Wish you good luck… I believe they will allow you to withdraw with the support of Dug.

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Hi @Jharv90 - just logged in and saw the following message

MAID withdrawals are temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Will see if I can find out more for you & an ETA if possible


Thanks Dug, keep me updated.

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I had the same hard fork message a month ago. Also had problems withdrawing. But the coins finally arrived after a week or so. Maybe it has to do with the related BTC transaction? Because there are a lot of unconfirmed transactions and the fees are high.

Sounds like typical wallet maintenance which every exchange does from time to time. Can take 5 or 6 days for omni tokens (MAID etc)

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Have they got back to you on this yet Dug?

Not as yet I’m afraid. The technical maintenance message is still showing and I’ve re-chased my contact at HitBTC. Will let you know as soon as I have a response

HitBTC is not withdrawing my MAID for more than 24 hours ( its still pending I guess) Anybody experienced this too?

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