HitBTC holding coins and no response! Beware!

Well that is good to hear you got coins back, sorry about the issues. @dugcampbell and I are giving thought about how best to proceed here. Collectively the community has experienced many issues with this exchange.


I have never ‘disparaged’ Polo. For a long time, I was a user myself. I just don’t use it anymore, and with an 80MAID withdrawal fee, I never will. I don’t wanna leave my coins on any exchange. And I don’t feel like paying them twenty bucks to withdraw. It’s just a matter of principle.

Leaving a lot of MAID there once was the thing that forced me to obey their KYC rules applying of which they handled in the stupidest manner possible (you will be informed in advance, withdrawals will remain enabled, blah blah blah… In the end, no prior notice, no withdrawal. KYC, or your coins are ours, end of it.)

So yeah, I do disparage Polo after all. Feels fair and too goood to resist :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Be carefull, Nick. @dugcampbell

HitBTC is our biggest volume exchange.

I fear a big volume drop might affect the market bad for us, HitBTC is the 5th largest ”real volume” exchange.

As long as withdraws eventually goes through I think it would be wise to keep them for now.

People may complain with long withdraw times but with a huge price drop I don’t think they would be much happier.

It would be very good if we could get added to Bittrex partner exchange Upbit, the 9th biggest ”real volume” exchange.

Do you know if Upbit mirror Bittrex Malta or if you have to do a separate apply to them?

Now that we passed the requirement for Bittrex the chance to get listed with their partners should be good? Unfortunately Bittrex Malta don’t seem to get us similar volume as Bittrex US, maybe that will change in the future but alittle sad at the moment.


Of course, plenty to consider and we won’t make any rash decisions

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To the best of my knowledge Changelly also mostly use them for MAID swaps.
Not 100% sure but worth investigating and knowing ripple effects.

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Is that correct? I’ve just gone with coinswitch and they offered me these:


As I said not 100% sure who else they source their liquidity from but they certainly use HitBTC I know that much from previous communication with Changelly support.

So… I went and asked, and they are pretty clandestine about it (we don’t disclose this sort of information, thanks for your understanding, etc.)

Not very transparent, but I think they may shield one from having to put up with the occasional nausea HITBtc is reportedly so apt at causing.

Ill see if I can dredge it up later, I had them respond/confirm it on reddit a while back too.
If you think about it though who else would they use? Polo… I don’t think so

I bet you’re right. I just wanted to know for sure, and also to see whether they would go for full disclosure. The entire crypto space has grown more ‘professional’. More and more crypto fellas have adopted the cryptic corporate jargon. Gentleman never tells.


Hello, I’m new here, just recently found about this project, and found it to be great.
I wanted to convert some of my BTC into MAID and I’ve picked HitBTC for this.
You as a company have listed it on your pages, so I thought it was reasonably safe…
It appears I was wrong :frowning:
I have tried withdrawing 11k MAID today and after a whole day of processing it was finally cancelled, without any reason why.
So I have created a ticket ( 1082261 ) asking why was my withdrawal canceled.
Immediately after I got two e-mails: one about ticket creation, and second one about my account being suspended due to “suspected activity”.
At the same time they requested that I provide some KYC docs, in order to get my account fully functional again.
I have there 0.327BTC in total, so this is well below the limit that requires KYC submission, so I don’t know what to think about this.
Also I recommended MAID and HitBTC to my brother, and he also has some MAID there, yet he did not try withdrawing them, so I hope he will not face the same issues I do.
Can you provide some help, please?


HitBTC has a scammy reputation, and I personally don’t think it should be mentioned on any of Maidsafe’s sites.


Yes, I agree, however it is painful to learn it this way…


Had the same with hitbtc a few years ago.
Although the withdrawal did go trough after i completed kyc.


Hello @nailonhead, thank you for reply - so there is hope :slight_smile:

HitBTC is not a complete scam, so I don’t think your coins are gone by any stretch, or really that there is even much to worry about that being the case. They definitely do some shady things, and are sketchy about how they move so much volume, but I don’t think they are outright going to steal your coins.

In any case, I would use Bittrex in the future if you are going to continue to accumulate MAID.


Thanks for this advice.
I used to trade some coins on Bittrex up to a moment when they requested lots of documents - but not just an ID & selfie (like on hitBTC), they wanted my monthly paycheck info, work place etc.
Basically even more compared to when you take a mortgage, so I decided to pass.
I’ve spoken to support, and they said I was randomly selected for verification, and that I had a week or so to comply. I searched for similar Bittrex cases over Internet and found that people had their coins frozen, because papers they submitted were not good enough for whatever reason.

I am not a trader, but when I see a great project, like SAFE is, eventually basically replacing top 4 layers of OSI model, I just have to be part of it. Once fully in place it will be so refreshing and liberating for whole world…


Changelly and Simpleswap are also options.
I have not heard of any issues but dyor.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been a lurker here for several years, and your post made me do what I should have done some time ago and remove tokens from a trading account. My first transfer from hitbtc was about 5 hours ago and is now confirmed and my recent transfer request has also been accepted. Both requestes required an email “confirmation” but this was relatively painless. Im a bit more comfortable with my exchange balances now. ATB


I had this a few months ago - I opened a ticket, provided the docs then the maid was released.