HitBTC holding coins and no response! Beware!

The second largest exchange listed on CoinmarketCap is scamming users and looks like they may be insolvent!

Do not use this exchange and request coinmarketcap remove them!!!

I lost over 7K in MaidSafeCoins today!!!

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I have lost some money too and learned the true face of this exchange. Stay away or don’t keep more than you are willing to loose on this exchange.

The exchange is still listed on MaidSafe’s website. It should be listed with a warning, or removed!


I had 7,000.00 worth of MaidSafe on the exchange for only an hour when I realized it was a scam!

I am disappointed MaidSafe is not on more exchanges and that they have not introduced a decentralized exchange along with a new coin! I bought in the ICO. I think I am a Whale. Good Humor…


You’ll find that a number of people on this forum have been burnt by HitBTC. Now that MAID is on Bittrex International, that could be an option for you if you’re outside the US.


Never tried HitBTC, also heard mostly bad things. Of course, having never been, I can’t truly know.

I do know that Bitker has been heavily increasing its volume of trades, from $0, to this:

They increased their withdrawal rate from 3 to 50 MAID, so that’s kind of bizarre.
But there’s no giving your identity to a mysterious database, at least.

I looked into OpenLedger DEX when MAID was listed there, but haven’t been back since.
I feel like I semi-singlehandedly sparked volume of trade to come to Bitker, by posting a reminder about its existence in this forum’s trade (or some other?) thread, at just the right time—for people to know that there’s a solution beyond f’ing around with Poloniex, or this bad reputation (imo) HitBTC place.
…So, maybe I should do the same for OpenLedger DEX.

However, I, being old school (would guess many others, too), for some weird reason, love the rush of – ahem, rushing into a centralized exchange—just going in, making a few trades (maybe sitting there for way too long of a time before I realize that it’s probably not wise to stay on the exchange any longer), and getting out.

It’s certainly a shift of mind to be more careful with what you’re doing; and I think that’s why there is $0 trade volume on OpenLedger DEX. Either that or it’s just not conducive to friendly design. I think it is my destiny to journey there once more, and, find out… but hopefully I’m not too lazy right now!!

I don’t think I’ll waste my time journeying over to HitBTC, however, just from the stories, alone.

edit: heck OpenLedger is confusing. I don’t ev’n see a way to get to MAID beyond CMC’s link:
https://openledger.io/market/MAID_BTS And going here says “unknown.MAID⇄BTS”, haha.

Oh yeah and Bittrex re-listed. That’s still not even listed on CMC, for MAID.


I recall when maid was desisted from several exchanges. They probably pushed to get listed and are reluctant to de-list. I hope ShapeShift adds Maid when whey re-launch. Otherwise this is a dead coin in my view. I send Nick L. an email asking they remove the link and advised HitBTC of such asking for immediate attention on this issue.

thank You for your feedback!

But how you lose your coins?

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Withdraw is not working and one response which did not address my issue than no answer. I am quite suspicious because others have had similar with a pre-txt of KYC my account clearly says I am verified for withdrawals up to 1 BTC per day. I have had this account for 5 year and never had any issue in the past.

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Before HitBTC was kicked off Reddit, people could use social pressure there to get HitBTC to actually resolve an issue. That helped me. Without that they would keep sending you nonsense responses and you would feel like being stuck in an infinite loop. Totally utterly powerless.

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I created this topic recently. Someone is definitely after our maidsafe coins :rage:

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Hey @Audity, just noticed your post. MAID is no longer on OpenLedger any longer which might explain your difficulties (Notification: OpenLedger Removal). We removed their logo from our website at the time also.

However, might be worth noting for anyone who missed the news last week, that MAID is now listed on Bittrex International (https://twitter.com/BittrexIntl/status/1131613052250599424).


Can you tell me if your situation with HitBTC has been resolved or are you still unable to withdraw your funds? Thanks.

EDIT: And just to confirm, have you bought and are withdrawing MAID, or have you sold MAID and are struggling to withdraw BTC or another coin?


Ah sweet/swell. Yeah I’ll see how it is over at Bittrex again just to gain some experience with their methods—albeit it another KYC place: maybe it’s more tolerable than Poloniex. (All preference, of course.)

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Hi Nick,

Thank you for responding.

This issue is still not resolved. I am on my 3rd support request, (431629, 429440 and 431629 - in that order). Email notification is working for ALL operations of the exchange except for withdrawal. The support person keeps suggesting it is a problem with my spam folder over and over… I have explained numerous times that it is not that and in fact I am receiving email for other things such as their whitelist function and MFA etc. These coins are from my participation in the MaidSAFE ICO. I emailed you at the time of the ICO and you were quite helpful with extracting private key out of the HIve Wallet :-). I have been a silent believer/holder of tokens.

I have had an account on HitBTC for years and have not had any issues in the past withdrawing funds. I am hoping they release my funds and all parties can move forward but I am having doubts as it seems like they are playing a bit of a cat and mouse game…

Thank You,
Richard Lowe

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Yep they are a fraud. Still surprised MaidSafe even lists their logo and mentions them as an avenue for trading. Not good to link to fraudulent websites, do a little DD and you will see tons of people facing issues like this. They are insolvent is word on the street. Only real exchanges Maid has now are polo and bittrex international(I hope maybe bittrex US will reconsider their stance on MAID considering polo continues to allow it). As I heard Bittrex has a 2 maid withdrawl fee. At the 80 maid withdraw fee on polo I have stopped buying for now as I won’t support such fees. If I could get my hands on a reputable bittrex international user that would spot my buys/withdraws for say 5 maidsafe coin then I would be a bit happier.


Im not sure of your laws.
I would advise caution.
When i spoke to hmrc ( uk taxes ) i was told that i was not a trader even though i do trade for myself.
If i was to buy for others, that would make me a trader, and open me up to much larger taxes.

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In Bulgaria crypto currencies are not money. I only pay a tax when I turn to a fiat…


They are not in the uk either.
I pay capital gains tax, as i would if i bought a painting and it rose in value and i sold it.
Your smart enough to know what you can / cant do.
Just be carefull.


I’ve written to the exchange to try and find out what is happening with your situation specifically, as well as the concerns raised by others. I’ll let you know when we hear back.


Hi Nick, FYI, a friend of mine has the same issue. All the best,