Hillary Winning Republican States Can't Settle the Primaries

It so incredibly ridiculous, if you look at her on Google Trends over the last three months she never gets above 18 on a scale where Trump is at 100. Sanders hits 59 and on one day during the period gets a tiny bit above Trump. But we are supposed to believe that she by winning hard right states has settled something. She is paid for, she is a liar, and she is back and forth on whether she wants to be a 911 style neocon puppet. She seems unelectable. She could actually be beat by Trump because people don’t like her and don’t trust her. If she weren’t this phony sclerotic hawkish type person she might be more consistent with what her own values base should be, but instead she seems to want to keep social and economic travesty right where it is at home while pursuing the abject stupidity of American exceptionalism around the world. If anything ever were unrealistic its her.