Hillary proposes extreme half percent tax increase on wealthy over next decade

Hillary has made a tax increase on the wealthy proposal that Republicans estimate will come to 1.2 trillion dollars on estimated revenue of 200 trillion over the next decade.

Its becoming increasingly clear that to the Father, Christ and Marx, we have to add Mohammad and Sharia law as none of them were keen on interest or rent seeking all believed in absolute intrinsic equality and its being largely respected in practice. None would favor handing over the fruits of just society to the likes of Paris Hilton and W., nor to any their similar love children.

You have to take the money out of Paris Hilton’s purse and put it in the stream of productivity that serves everyone and stop using it to convert the lives of new born babies into the property of people like Paris. Take a look at the Republican candidates, at least in the public light all of them (Paul is a partial exception) both puppets and plutocrat strongly resemble Mrs. Hilton. Rule by wealth which is always rule by arbitrary inherited wealth always has been and if we’re talking about humans always will be, rule by the stupid and the useless. People who would dress the football up like a Faberge egg and place one in each Mrs. Hilton’s many purses.

More than anything else the development of wisdom and maturity and possibly the only real mark or point of human development is the ethical line. But the the current propaganda and marketing is about handing total total power to terrible stunted infants so they can work to keep everyone else stunted. We done better than this, in the past no less! There is no reason to keep going backwards in face of an increasingly lethal technical progression.