Hillary: Money Puppet, we can't have a Fraud for President!

HIllary who’s selling us out for money and her nepotistic connections to a former president put her in office- so there you go family and money or what is akin to inherited money puts her in office like some kind of Queen. I don’t think so (!) that’s illegitimate. Its what we fought the revolutionary war to prevent.

She will face Trump. Trump will be able to run for office and possibly be President also because of his money or purported money but strangely enough his trying to buy his way into office or becoming president because he is rich and sympathetic to the rich is more legitimate than a competitor that sold us out for money.

So you a have a plutocrat and essentially a traitor for money. A Hillary screw up helped bring about Citizens vs United. Think of how bizarre it was to have Citizens United benefactor CNN, as her biggest campaign donor as she was on its paid for stage as it tried to copyright election speech (how f-ing retarded is that!) debating Sanders. No bias in that. And when most people watch it on Youtube there are parts that seem to be edited out or missing minutes when stuff is too embarrassing or clear for the plutocrats and their phony media.

So she is losing the election but she will be selected just like W. Remember what happened last time we had a selection? There was an interesting map of NY where Bernie wins almost every county, maybe 59 of 62 counties, so that the entire state is gold and in his name but there a few flecks of blue for her and she wins.