Hillary Clinton as a Climate Change Betrayer?

Tulsi Gabbard the Vice Chair of the DNC left Hillary Clintion and the DNC and switched support to Sanders while saying essentially that she could not be a party to any more interventionist regime change wars of aggression which strongly implies that Hillary Clinton is going to engage in more regime change. The Obama admin just granted immunity to the guy who did Hillary’s email server suggesting they may go after her to protect Obama’s legacy on Iran. If she goes after Iran she would be picking up where Bush left off and already right after HIllary’s performance in super Tuesday there are bs sounding stories in the media trying to link Al Quaeda to Iran. But this brings up a huge question about climate change.

If Hillary Clinton’s is going to pursue regime change that may mean at least an 8 year delay for real action on climate change so it seems crucial to actually know what commitments she has made. We on the left may be bitterly disappointed with her actual agenda so we need transparency right now. It feels like we’re in the middle of Cheney’s secret energy meetings.

Continued regime change is completely incompatible with climate change action because real continued climate change action would invalidate the myths that continued regime change needs to go forward. Regime change in Iran would also mean increasing domestic instability, more oppressive laws and more budget damage on top of an already broken economy and disenfranchised population. It also risks global war. It would also be our second round of regime installation in Iran, in the prior round we overthrew a legitimate democratic government to install dictatorship and all the problems we’ve had since.

Hillary Clinton isn’t doing well against Donald Trump in Google Trends. The trends don’t quite look as bad as her defeat against Barack Obama but it is not at all encouraging either. She also has dynasty and baggage issues that are a problem for many voters. The youth, whom she needs to win, seem unlikely to vote for her in the general election as they recognize that while she is socially somewhat liberal she is an economic and political conservative. Even younger women don’t seem to relate to her. Her loss could hand the state over to people on the right who seem like outright villains who also seem hell bent on carrying out the idiotic Bush Admin Neocon agenda.