Highlight MaidSafe on steemit platform

Hey there,

at the moment I am a curious reader of this forum, as I am interested in the development of the SAFE network. BUT now it’s time to get active :slight_smile:

In general I am interested in the ongoing marketing activities and which platforms to use.

Background: I have registered for steemit some days ago. The platform is steady growing and seems to be a good platform for crypto related topics. One major differentiation between steemit and other plaforms (facebook, twitter, quora) is, that the members vote for your posts and you get paid for these posts - might be interesting as well - to get additional marketing budget.

The only thing at the moment is, that I don’t have that much followers, which is crucial for the distribution of such messages.

Maybe we should also use this channel to address the uniqueness of MAID. I have seen there are some posts, explaining MAID, but there could be done a lot more to get the people’s attention.

Nevertheless please also consider steemit as a good channel for our marketing activities.

I’m interested in your point of view.



I don’t like Steem… aside from the devs being a bunch of cowboyz… the interface itself, just seems off… I think it’s the confusion of topics that’s offputting… it seems to be very crudely matched and if you have anything as generic as a word like safe you end up with a clutter of alsorts of other kinds of safes. I suspect it’s crafted as a pump and dump or am I just in a cynical mood atm :expressionless:

Go where the audience is… are there any metrics proving that it’s being used beyond investors in that currency?

Well it gets about a million page views a day it this is to be believed, http://steemit.com.hypestat.com/ so not huge but not bad. It probably is one of the places where the crypto crowd go, and it’s crawled by Google so as far as the audience goes I’d say it’s certainly worth a punt.


Hi David,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, there is an enormous space for improvement. But we are speaking about a BETA version. It’s not facebook and we are already talking about 600k users at the moment. So you are still one of the early adopters when using this platform.

And yes it’s a pump or dump principle. But, isn’t it always the same. If you have your followers (like on Twitter) you get recognized and you can distribute your story in an convenient way.

I don’t recommend steem to be the single key for distributing our message - but something worth to think about to integrate…

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the active users are increasing. The platform has an huge uptrend the last couple of weeks. The topic cryptocurrency is one of the most famous one and therefore maybe interesting for us.

We not only talk to “friendly customers” there - and this can be seen as an enormous advantage in getting appropriate feedback…(sometimes)

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I use steam. There’s a huge active community on there and plenty of cryptosavvy people to discuss maidsafe with. I’m still a bit fuzzy on how you trade your coin out of the steam system but either way it’s still a decent community. The biggest problem you’ll have with marketing is correctly formatting your posts.

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To be honest - me too :slight_smile: But I still think it’s a good concept to engage your members, as you pay them for quality content (referring to steem). At the moment I’m not interested in a payout. Therefore I don’t bother at all. My main focus is to increase my steem power, and thereof the voting power…

In terms of branding: I made several posts on my own. Formatting your layout might be an issue. But with a bit time and creativity it should work.