High Fidelity a Decentalized VR Metaverse on SAFE?

This is Phillip Rosedale 2nd Life’s founders distributed/decentralized extensible VR metaverse.
Highfidelity.com it uses peoples compute power to run and sounds like SAFE. I see decentralized social VR as a possible pressure release valve for planet Earth.

I find this so compelling because I see this as the path of least resistance and almost inevitable. You tell an Ivy educated economic royalist worried about retribution that VR has become soma and will give them so much elbow room that they should fund it even with state budgets because it means they won’t have to petrol monger, or control the media or cull the population or terrorize. No more need to win the game of business with corporate dominance. No it means 97% or more of people go willingly. Its a quick game over with a population that will stay inside and not come out. The masses in a coma, in suspended animation or teleported to cyberspace, the Napoleons and Cesars born in cyber space, the masses only emerging in the deep future as another species. The surface dwellers able to see them coming.

People in their caves with drones dropping food off. High indexed GAIs- of course elites see it as a fair trade in this light. Rooms with led lights that mimic the phases of sunlight during the day. At a time when work and sports and religion are failing and people want to search for meaning in a happier dream the door of social VR beckens. A platform that allows a way for every kind of mind to contribute to the consensus reality. This is a true anesthetic escape for the masses. A way for elites to stop acting out of fear. An electronic drug that is completely voluntary. A redlight zone for the masses to disappear into, a plan B for needing another planet.

Its already happening. Kid don’t want cars, don’t care about dates that don’t happen on a screen. To me its ugly but the best chance to keep the peace and not have global nuclear war over so many displaced in the developed world over no meaning in work and other places. This has to be less than 10 years out. In Tom Campbell’s way of looking at things let them slip into simulated NPMR the midsts of PMR. It cuts polution, crowding, war and crime. Short of AI causing another path it seems the only way. Shut people’s TV off what do we think happens? There is no speech issue in cyber space and no one telling anyone they have to stay in it. Its the space we needed to keep the road rage down