High-Bandwidth Neighborhood Multi-WAN Mesh Network Router

‘Uncategorized’ because I’m not sure how such a thing would even exist- but posting here since I imagine it would be a perfect use for the SAFE network technology.

I’ve been gone for a long while, haven’t followed this project since just before the rust rewrite, but the PARSEC announcement got you all back in the forefront of my mind lately. I remember an old topic here where we’d all talk about what apps we wanted to see, and I would guess things have evolved quite a bit since then. I haven’t spent much time reorienting myself with conversations here since, so forgive me if this is all moot.

I’m interested in knowing from this community especially how one might go about constructing something like what I’m imagining here. Let me elaborate.

-If there were some kind of tiny box-based bare-metal thing. I’m thinking a plug computer off the top of my head.
-A group of neighbors, maybe all the apartments in a building to start- everyone plugs this thing in & it makes a WiFi network we all can connect to where it shares all of our ISP connections over a mesh network.
-So if all 4 of us have 100/10, there’s 400/40 available to us now.
-Expand throughout each block in the neighborhood
-Maybe reach some people with fiber several blocks away (!!)
-Take over the world!!

Figured I’d just throw this out there, sounds like a fun project to me… Interested in people’s thoughts around here. :slight_smile:


Found this [0] recently active thread, & like this [1] especially regarding Artemis.
Seems the tech is likely fit for a local ‘apartment building’-scale deployment if I’m understanding correctly.




Yesterday I came across a product doing exactly what I had in mind when originally posting this topic.

It’s called “Althea”, & their website details more here: Althea


Good fined. I believe a community in Detroit, Michigan (looking for the link to the project) is also doing the same thing. Think it is funded through a church. So this could also apply to decentralized data centers? Is this also an alternative to Universal Basic Income?

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In case anyone’s interested in reading more on the topic, I found this via a recent HN post re: DIY ISP implementations, here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20726906

Some interesting discussion, quite the click-hole IMO, hehe.


This kind of network lead to few enthusiasm guys setting APs around and basicly making small ISP. The problem is, that B(F)U does not know how to set up APs, maintain it, do not know rules, situation around if any free range of frequencies are enable for sector antenas and if you do not own house, all owners or majority have to agree with your plans, which they do not have reason to allow you your antena even if you pay them. Also to connect it to electricity or install cabel in corridor makes big trables.

The ISP have to also deal it with it , but theirs position is much more better, than yours.

This is reason why I am very sceptical about this kind of projects. It shoud work only in some not much populated places or with next door neigbour connected by wire.