Hi I'm new and spent about an hour but am still not super clear about a couple things

Hi everyone, I have only known about this cool project for a total of four hours. I think it’s a really great idea, kudos to this community!

Here are questions I didn’t get clarity on yet:

  1. If I am a member of the system storing files for the community, I will receive Safe Network Tokens. I read that they’re locked into this network. Will I be able to sell my tokens for money or stablecoins, or is it stuck with me forever as just a “credit” that I could store files myself one day?

  2. I’ve heard of SSD’s and HDD’s failing after a lot of data writing. Would using my new computer’s main SSD drive cause it to wear down and break within a year of its use?

  3. I saw the timeline and saw that Safe Network completed the Fleming deployment. Is Safenet still in testnet stage, or are we fully live as of today? Do the storage node computers get real safenet tokens or testnet tokens. (are testnet tokens able to be traded in for the real green stuff? lol)

  4. Last but not least: I’m not so great with computers. Is it easy to just download the safenet vault and run it? Where do I find the download link and a tutorial? (I saw this informative post, but am still befuddled and muddled.)

I’m sorry for asking so many questions, so if it’s too many, you could decentrally answer them, maybe each person tackle one of the questions. (sorry if it was a bad joke)
Thanks for any help


Hey there Papachino! First off all allow me to welcome you to our community, it’s great to have you. Let’s dive into your questions.

  1. Yes, they can be traded/transfered, allowing people to buy the Safe Network Token is important to allow adoption of the network for non-farmers.

  2. SSDs are actually still improving and with that the amount of times data can be written without breaking. Also an important thing to know is that the Safe Network wont be consistently writing data on your disk.

  3. The network is currently still in development with a testnet in the very near future (We’re hoping 2 weeks from now)

  4. For me this is an unknown, but with talented UX designers like @JimCollinson on the team one can only expect the best user experience one can think of. Maybe @JimCollinson can tell you more about this.


Hi Papachino. Welcome. I also am not too flash with technology. Re your question 4 - if you are a basic computer user I think the testnet will be a challenge but there are many extremely computer literate people including developers whose feedback on the coming testnet can be followed, if you understand the jargon (I don’t)
But I have been assured that when beta launches it will be like downloading apps etc. I have volunteered to be a test dummy when we get to that stage.
Have fun catching up with the information on the forum.


@papachino Big welcome!

Mightyfool more or less got it, but for a little more thought on 2):

Most data on the internet (most data in general) is write once, read many times. In terms of overall experience, the read is vastly more important than the write. How many times was a youtube video written vs read? With SAFE, there is also built in deduplicating : if someone uploads the exact same file, then the network already knows it doesn’t need to be written again. So take the current data experience, which is already super read-heavy and add another factor. Writes will not be a problem on any conceivable storage mechanism.


Hi Papachino!

On this particular query, I’ve made you a quick screencast to show you the software we are designing in order to make it straightforward to start earning Safe Network tokens.

The intention is that it should be pretty accessible for most people, and I hope that video gives you a flavour of what it will be like when the Network is live, and you are ready to start offering your spare storage space.


@Mightyfool @JimCollinson and the other 2 commenters (the forum rule is that a new user can’t @ more than 2 people)
Wow, thank you very much to all of you for your warm and kind welcome and the helpful answers.
Thank you Jim for the very clear video! That does seem extremely simple, with an easy point and click interface.
So will the testnet have this easy interface, or will I have to use command line to join the coming testnet? I’m not so ignorant about computers, and could run command lines if I’m told what to type and at what point.

Do participants receive more rewards for providing more hard disk space? And you said in the video that my computer has to prove itself reliable. Does that mean that my computer has to be on 24/7 to reliably always be available? I totally understand if that’s a prerequisite, because if I stored part of my encrypted file on your computer, I wouldn’t want your computer off when I needed the file. But if I am allowed to turn off my computer, that would be a little easier for me.


It will be CLI ni the beginning for sure, however, we expect that to quickly progress to GUI/Browser etc. more news on Thursday

If you are earning SNT then yes your computer needs to be on pretty much uninterrupted. However as a user/client then it makes no difference.

We do duplicate data (not files, but encrypted parts of files) and that means folk can turn off/crash and the network still has the data. However, the network stops paying the off computer at that time. No harm though.


It’s Thursday where I am David. Can you just tell me now :pray::joy: