Hi Dug, come in yer welcome




Welcome Dug, It kind of feels like it was always your destiny to end up here :wink:


Hi Dug. An excellent piece to get ones imagination going. Looking forward to more.


Welcome @dugcampbell! I look forward to seeing your passion for SAFENetwork shared with many others!



With the emergence of MaidSafe so early in the chronology of recent events, I believe that many over the past few years have simply not had the opportunity to spend the time to find out what the ultimate success of this project represents.

Completely agree. And also this:

I’m constantly bowled over by just how engaged, respectful, intelligent and enthusiastic this community is.

Was one of the first things I noticed too. And of course:

I’d spent many months by that stage falling deeper down the proverbial Bitcoin rabbit hole. Late nights wrestling with explanations about the technology, engaging with the economic implications, debating the future potential and limitations.

Hope you enjoyed it cos I can’t see much changing there :smile:


Ha, my thoughts exactly :grin:


Thanks! Fingers crossed I’ve got plenty more words left for the journey ahead :wink:


Thanks @Traktion - that’s the plan! Then again, all I need to do is to help other folk to see the rest of the enthusiasm that’s already abundantly clear to all across the project and the forum. You guys/girls are doing a phenomenal job already - so when I can help, just shout! :grin:


Yeah @JPL, the drama’s set to continue in Bitcoinlandia, no doubt about it. And the more that consistently long-held assumptions get challenged consistently, the more confident I become that real change for the better can gain a solid foothold - in a number of related areas. :smile:


A good piece of writing that I enjoyed. Look forward to hear more from you @dugcampbell. :smiley: