Hi Brian, London Real really needs SAFE

Listen to what Brian says.

Another missed opportunity?


I would be surprised if he is not an early adopter right after launch.

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Agreed. If he knew we existed I’m sure he’d take a serious look at the SAFENetwork.

I just noticed after donating you go into a different email list and you can reply directly to Brian/team.

I replied with a very short sweet simple message saying to check out the UK/Scottish company called Maidsafe and they they are building something that might help his digital freedom platform.

If others did the same, maybe he might see the message.


Everyone really needs SAFE

What’s encouraging is to see example of others looking for an answer… too many will not even understand there is a problem with the normal they are suffering.


Really good idea… doing the same.

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Is this the same guy that’s pushing the “5 coins to 5 million” thing at the moment?

I enjoyed his content till he gave Icke time. I tuned in to Alex Jones a couple of weeks ago to see where his head was at, he had Icke on his show, Icke was inciting Jones followers to take out Bill Gates and Gates peers. Saying Icke should have the freedom to incite violence is a grey area. Brian giving him a platform is reckless. But pushing Icke followers into the darker recesses of the web may not be the best way to handle Ickes campaign to snuff the elite “globalists”.

Icke inciting violence? Doesn’t sound like him at all unless it is something new.

Look at the argument this guy makes here

He is the type that would defend the phone company censoring your phone calls- he is pushing sponsors should be able to make censorship pay nonsense which costs us everything. People keep asking why the world is so messed up and becoming more and more crack down in law. It is as simple as allowing money to filter speech and trying to enclose speech by privatizing commons. Its as simple as allowing sponsorship which should never be allowed (should be properly characterized as a bribe and a crime) and allowing bribing of politicians by calling money speech where both sides of the bribe should be recognized as crime.

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I’ve watched all three. Icke is a crazy old bastard but he never incited any kind of violence. He prompted people to think about this time from a future point of reference. His verbal and non verbal points to me said we’ll “what are you going to do…?”.