Hey what happened to @janitor

Hey @janitor are you still out there?

Haven’t heard from you in a few months hope everything is okay! You used to be a heavy poster, every day for almost a year

Us forum members gotta look out for each other!


I ran a search for something the other day and wondered the same thing.

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Well that settles it then, the NSA got 'em.

OK who’s gonna help me break in and get him back?

I was wondering how I knew that Jeffery Alan Lash character. The Janitor wasn’t from CA was he?

The more reasonable guess is that It does look like there was a bit of a spat with his last post. Software ready to download? Perhaps he felt alienated…

Thanks @whiteoutmashups and team.
I’ve been quite busy at work, business trips and such and also taking it a bit easier on myself here - because we’re supposed to take it easy on those newbies who ask already answered questions, it’s better to let others deal with that :slight_smile:

Other than that I am patiently waiting on code like most other folks here… Speaking of which, I looked at my most recent prediction (Feb 2015) and there I said I expected launch in September. It didn’t say which (testnet3 or mainnet), so if we assume testnet counts, I could be right…


Good to see you are still kickin’

It would have been cool if you where an alien spy though. :wink:


How did we prove otherwise yet? :slight_smile:

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Good to see you again @janitor:grimacing:

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