Here's what bitcoin companies are doing to woo Greeks

No, haven’t fished in a while, but there are plenty in there. Watched a big pike jumping to catch fish recently, right on front of me, and yesterday a tern following the boat was diving into the wake and pulling out tiddlers. Plenty of swans too.

Problem though will be shortages and civil unrest. Better to stay away from population for as long as possible, easier for you I think. Very hard in UK.

Ah your on the canal system and not a marina. I was in Litchfeild Staffs for 6 months and very much enjoyed the pubs on the canal. So much choice of nice ales in the UK…awesomeness, absolutely creams the meager choices here.

Unless you’ve got your own farm, I think everyone’s pretty much screwd in a meltdown. Even then, reading about Germany’s hyper-inflation event…people fled to the countryside and killed the farmers and ransacked the farms.

SAFE will save the world, we’ll be ok :slight_smile:

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Interesting post. However, I suspect state/fiat money is reaching the end of the road, especially for Greece.

As soon as there is a reasonable choice - and Bitcoin is the start of this - people will not use digit cash with built in spyware. They will use free and private money, which by virtue of these properties will be the most liquid.

Technology will provide digital cash to replace fiat money, just as email replaced snail mail. They will resist it, but it will be unavoidable IMO.