Here's a step by step guide for beginners on how to buy and store Maidsafecoin

Here’s the guide:


Nice explained. However, I prefer to generate bitcoin wallets offline and keep just the public keys in the computer to receive transactions and check the balance in omniwallet. Is it not possible to buy maidsafecoins directly from Changelly with credit card? (I have never tried).

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You can do it like that, but I’m not sure how you would move the Maidsafe once it’s in your wallet if you’re not using Omniwallet. I don’t believe you can use a credit card to buy Maidsafe directly :frowning:

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Once generated an omniwallet, in My Addresses > Add Address > Import Address With Private Key you can import it. I did not think you can buy directly in Changelly before, but just visited the page and it looks like maybe.

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Apparently this guide here in this thread is out of date. When I follow it I end up at a point where the instructions no longer work. When it links to the MAID/BTC section of Livecoin trading, there’s no mention of MAID.

Screenshots here [1] detail the bad link in the guide, the link loading something that’s not MAID, as well as a search box on Livecoin for query ‘MAID’ returning zero results.

Would someone kindly point me to an updated guide?



There is another topic as well =)

As exchange would probably make sense (or poloniex but they did freeze many accounts lately… As well as changelly might be an option but never used that… )