Help with mobile authenticator and browser


I need help installing on iPhone.

I received the two emails for mobile authenicator and browser.
I clicked on sign up it takes you to appcentre which prompts to download some type of profile which I clicked yes to. Not sure if it downloaded correctly though how do you tell.
Then went to My apps in App Center and the two apps are there.
I clicked on both ad it prompted to download. The two icons appear on my home but grayed out. Restared the phone and they saying waiting. Does anyone know whats going on here?


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I’m assuming you registered your device and downloaded the profile config that exists in the settings app on iPhone?

I had a similar issue that I think is AppCenter related. I deleted the apps and profile, then deleted my authorized devices in AppCenter then reauthorized them fresh, went to download the apps which installs the system profile, then the apps downloaded fine.

Remember once the apps have been downloaded successfully you’ll need to update your IP address to the Alpha 2 invite server before you can connect to the network.


Not sure if the configuration profile is downloaded correctly.
When I go to appcenter it says no devices added.
When I click on Ad new device it says website trying to download configuration file. I click allow it then says Profile downloaded. It says review the profile in settings app if you want to install it. How and where do you do this part?


dont worry just found it. In Settings a new item Profile downloaded appeared missed it before,



I believe in Settings => General => Profiles (at the bottom I think) delete and try what I suggested above.

You definitely want to see a registered device in the AppCenter. It will show make, model, iOS version etc of your device.

Let me know how you get along and then check out Mobile optimized Apps and Sites


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