Help us to use the safe-browser



I installed the browser. Witch possibilities we have with and how to surf on internet ? Is it limited ? Search engine exist ? i’m not a geek but i’m here…for instance i did not understand what can we do with the browser.
Thanks to bring the light.



Yes, me too.
I’m keen to use the SAFE browser, but so far have to wait for the Level 1 trust to earn on this forum.


Yes I too am interested in this browser and using it I have it installed but still don’t have level one trust I thought I should have by now been on the forum over an hour and read 177 something posts. If I am already level one trust where do I find my key to put into the browser?


You guys have to understand that the SafeNetwork is not released yet. The current state is for power users and developers.

This is not a typical web browser, its purpose is to be able to browse for the SafeNetwork, it will never work for the normal Internet.


Fyi, this was an old topic, but bumped up by a spam reply, already deleted.


Realized too late that it was an ancient post, and then I was scratching my head why on Earth it was among the latest topics… thanks for solving the mystery for me


I used the Peruse browser on Alpha 2.(thanks for the invite). I visited:


I noticed that the hyperlinks and the index don’t work. I am new here and wonder if there is an underlying problem here or if it is a one-off?


Hi - yes this is a known bug in Peruse - will be fixed on the next iteration.