Help understanding private keys

Just trying to figure out if the private keys are linked to the maidsafe coins or the actual wallet? I bought 4000 Maidsafe coins off an exchange (Cryptopia - I don’t recommend them) and sent them to an Omni wallet. Now I’m left wondering if I have the private keys or not?

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You can export your private key on omniwallet =)


Thanks Riddim, what I’m trying to understand though is just due to the fact that my coins have made it to Omni wallet does that now mean I have the private keys? Like do the private keys move around with the coins or are they part of the wallet or something. Excuse my lack of understanding but I would really like to get my head around this :smile::+1:

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Omni token as Maid are ‘colored coin’

As I understand it it is a tiny amount of bitcoin sent around with a special signature appended to the transaction => that signature makes the maid move around

And the private key to the wallet in which your maid are residing is the same as if they were regular bitcoin you have
(so the private Key is connected to the wallet in which the maid are - not connected to the coins themselves)

If you want to know more about how omni token work someone else needs to help out here ;)…
… To me Maid are just some temporary vehicle and I didn’t look into the details too much :innocent:


Thanks Riddim, it sounds like I have my private keys then :smile:


This may help you understand what a private key is.
If you created a new address with omni wallet then yes you have the private key. There will be a little lock beside the address to represent the fact that omni wallet knows the private key to that address and coins can be sent.
Not keeping your private key online is best practice and you may want to research paper wallets.

This is how to retieve the private key. Keep a copy safe offline.


That makes it even more clear, thanks Savage! Ill look into paper wallets

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If you want to know what the private key to your Omni wallet is, make a backup copy of the wallet and save it somewhere. The file will have the .json extention, and if you open it in notepad, you will see an entry like “privkey 5XXXXXXX” This is your private key.


This discussion was just what the doctor ordered in my case!


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