Help sending maidsafe from to Poloniex

I have used the search feature but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I have 0.1 btc in my wallet and want to send all my maidsafe to Poloniex. How can I be sure that the 0.0000555 (the bitcoin sum that the inititial maidsafe transaction came with) will be sent and not bitcoins which do not have the Maidsafe tied to them?

Presumably in Poloniex I simply use the withdraw/deposit feature and deposit maidsafe to the address it provides me with.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you obtain the MaidSafecoin deposit address for your account from Poloniex and send your coins after importing the address they live at into Omniwallet.

I’m not sure, but think the 0.0000555 BTC you refer to is actually the MaidSafecoin rather than BTC so you may have to ensure there is some real BTC there to cover the cost of the transaction. I say that the 0.0000555 may not be BTC because bitcoin wallets don’t understand MaidSafecoin and I think show them as a small amount of BTC.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. I see. So I use Omniwallet for the transaction. Need to sell a few for a couple of weeks then I’m back in again. Hopefully there won’t be any nasty surprises in that time! Needs must.

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Okay, so this is turning out to be quite tricky. I thought that if I emptied my address that my Maidsafecoin are stored then the btc & Miadsafecoin would transfer to a different btc address. One that I would import into Omniwallet. I now don’t think that this will work as I believe that Omniwallet need the private key to my wallet (where the maidsafecoin are stored).

It’s a bit of a concern because I don’t know how to get my private key for my wallet from This is because I lost my password however have the app on my phone. Is there any way for me to recover either my password or my private key from the app? Could there be a way to do this with a wallet.aes.json file perhaps? I know very little about these files but think they might be a backup which may have a private key??

I think you should check if you downloaded a backup of your wallet. As for the app, you should really be asking about recovering your password via the app. I doubt its possible…

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I’ve now got the aes.json file but Multibit doesn’t seem to have a feature built in to recover the keys. Odd because I’ve read its the best tool for the job. Any ideas? Google isn’t my friend today.

nasty surprises

You should read the other thread about omniwallet problems right now so you know what to expect. It looks like you’d get some support if it doesn’t go through within a few hours. Omniwallet claims they’ve patched this issue.

Also, if you’re brave, you could try Coin payments, just announced as a new wallet supporting maidsafecoins in a new separate thread as well.

Thanks for that info gonefarmin. I’m still stuck trying to find a way of extracting my private key from the aes.json file.