Help: privacy and decentralised social media Masters research

Hi there

I’m starting to get ready for my research portion of my dissertation as part of my Masters.

My dissertation is around notions of privacy in relation to decentralised social media networks. I’m also interviewing people who use centralised networks to understand what strategies they employ to preserve privacy on platforms like Facebook, etc.

However, for the purposes of this part of the research, I’m keen to talk to:

A: individuals that use or have a vested interest in being a user / consumer of decentralised social media platforms for privacy purposes.


B: individuals that build or have an interest in building decentralised social media platforms with the key driver being the development of privacy enhancing technology.

The format of the interview will be a range of questions to understand your motivations for using and / or building such platforms. I’m happy to do this over any medium of choice, whatever makes you most comfortable. But it will be over a text based channel i.e no calls.

So I’m reaching out to this amazing community here and hoping a few of you would be interested in being involved. I can send over more information to those who express interest, but anonymity will be preserved through a number of methods and you have the permission to withdraw at any point for any reason.

If you’d like to help me out, please drop me a message and I can share more information.

Looking forward to talking to some of you!