Help! I bought maidsafe coins and can't see them!

I created an omniwallet account and created an address. Next to the address there is a lock indicating that there is an attached private key for this address, but when I click the private key to try and write it down or save it, it just brings me to the FAQ. Before knowing this, I shapeshifted some BTC into MaidSAFE coins to this bitcoin address. It was my understanding that it was best to buy MaidSAFE coins with Omniwallet because of its versatility, but I am struggling to find the balance anywhere and I don’t even know the private key associated with the address to transfer the coins even if I knew how to do so! If anyone could help me find my coins or even just give me a better understanding of how omniwallet works, it would be greatly appreciated.

Was this very recent? Shapeshift can take hours and hours and hours. OmniWallet can slow the process down even further sometimes.

I usually don’t start second-guessing anything that has to do with OmniWallet until 2 hours have passed, and with ShapeShift until at least 6.

Since MaidSafecoin rides on the back of a BTC transaction, you can monitor your address with a Bitcoin block explorer like or to see if any BTC is going into it. If any small amount of BTC gets sent into your address, that means your MaidSafecoins are inside.

Let me know if that helps!

What address did you send the maid to? If you go to and enter the bitcoin address you should see the coin status…

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