Help from the NSA?

There have to be some ethically intact people who got sucked up or drank the cool aid when too young to know better or had an NDE or were out for change from the inside when they started. Now even the Dems have joined Wall st in attacking public pensions. Let them start screwing with NSA pensions and see how that goes down. They may not even know they are doing it, but they tend to have to spread such stupidity to get away with it. And history has shown how those with a higher commiment to ethics behave. If not by commission its at least ommission or both. And some go to jail for doing what is right, so sacrifice.

If SAFE makes it to release it would seem there were some angels somewhere. I have to imagine there are people in spy outfits the world over hoping against hope.

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i just love that phrase, you made my day :smile:

but yeah, snowden came from that place after all…