Hello! this is MaidSafe Korea :D

Hello guys! :grinning:
Not sure if any of you guys remember me, but I’ve made a couple of posts on marketing MaidSafe in Korea. Back then it was just me, but now I have a couple of friends just as interested as I am in SAFE network, and we’re finally seeing some actual actions!!!

Anyways, I visited this forum to show you guys our facebook page that we use to introduce MaidSafe, and ask a question.

I came across a Youtube video that I find is really informative, and I’d like to share it on our page.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1ffmf6z50E <-- this one right here
So I submitted Korean subtitle, but it’s been over a week and it hasnt been confirmed yet…
I could just download the video and add subtitles myself and then post it, but that seems hardly legal, if at all.

Do you guys know who I should contact to address this issue?

Oh and, come check out our FB page!


@nicklambert, is the usual goto guy for this sort of question.

I expect it is like other maidsafe videos and is free to use and repost, although Nick can confirm.

You can find a link to the video on https://maidsafe.net



Many thanks for the translations, sorry we haven’t been able to incorporate it yet, but I don’t see them pending in our account. If you don’t mind, can you please use the following link to http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=U1ffmf6z50E&ref=share contribute your translation.

Thanks again!


@aydenlee you might consider getting in touch with the maidsafe asia division as well that’s working on bringing maidsafe to China and Taiwain and such like. I’m not sure how Korea gets on with China politically but the languages seem closer than not so it might help.

Let’s make this the only active thread for MaidSafe Korea, to keep things organized please

New Video Header for MaidSafe Korea FB

Also several new AI artist paintings of MaidSafe Korea images:

"Cup of Tea"

"Starry Night"

"Vector Geometry"

Origin images below:

Have AI artists paint your images at deepart.io!


멋있어요! I’m actually going to be emmigrating to South Korea this year after I graduate. Do you know if there’s any meetups?


I believe @RobinKang is taking point on meetups in Seoul. If you’re looking to get involved with/organize meetups in a different South Korean city, check out the thread below and get in touch with @dugcampbell :slight_smile:

SAFE Network Meetups: A Discussion


I’m in Seoul for the next 2 weeks

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I have some Korean friends and would be great to introduce them into Safe network in Korean Language.