Hello, is the Network still unreachable?


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Did you whitelist your IP through invite.maidsafe.net …?

Ps: oh I just saw that you are not trust level 1 yet

For using the alpha 2 network you need to follow these steps:
1.) You need a forum account and become trust level 1 - that means 1 hour of reading time spent in the forum
2.) you just visit invite.maidsafe.net and automatically get the invitation code there
The whole process is described here:
MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2
<<< be sure to follow the link on top to the newest version of the browser / hosting app /…

Pps: oh right that’s the launcher - good spot @leiklier


SAFE Launcher is not used anymore. You should use Peruse or the latest version of the SAFE Browser instead, which has the authenticator builtin instead.


Wow, Thanks for the fast response.

  • I just sign in in the forum may be 2 hours ago.
  • The Safebrowser is running.

best regards Ferry


Hi leiklier,

what is the client that must always running in the background?

No it’s all built into the newest browsers now

You can Google these, and click on “releases”

  • joshuef Github peruse browser
  • MaidSafe Github safe browser

Hi @DerDelphianer - you won’t be able to create an account on the network until you are Trust Level 1 (Basic)

You just need to read some articles on the forum for another 30 minutes or so.


I understand the Intension for Trust Level 1, but I think I need the Forum if I work with the Browser and development stuff if I in process with it.

These newbie difficulties relating to the browser/launcher seem to be a recurring theme. It would be helpful if the website admin would put the “Trust Level 1 (Basic)” requirement on the download page for the browser. Oh, and how to check to see what your Trust Level is. For such an important project the lack of website clarity, oversight and updating is a little on the embarrassing side.


Completely agree. May be possible to automate a message/popup when noobs Trust LVL 1 try to access?

With the effort (and $ cost) to drive new users, they need hand-holding more than anyone.


Is there a amount ($) nessesary?

No, I think @BiGbtc means marketing costs or something like that.


Im sorry if I confused you here.

Here’s an idea Ferry @DerDelphianer .

It appears you have made an awesome effort to join the club here and get yourself set up on the Safenetwork. Describe the challenges you faced and where you think @maidsafe could improve the introduction.

Hi Bigtbc,

I am a softwaredeveloper from Germany and thougt on a P2P Network, So i download a Client an start. Thats it.
But here you have to read many things before you can start.
I suggest, there is a wizard for installation. There is to a Dokument with all nessasary Information you need. Then you mark Checkbox that you have read it and can start with the browser.
Sorry for my bad english.


Not bad at all =)

The challenge here is to enable developers to test programs and at the same time not get spammed as long as the network is not able to resist those attacks…

Maidsafe is working on a new (clearer) website that helps to get the necessary information but yes - at the moment it’s spread pretty wide across the place… (and without the forum you can’t connect to the network… That’s of course kind of a bummer at first… ; )

Hmhmm or a short description of the process when clicking on the download alpha access link :thinking:


So if there was a warning on the client clearly indicating prerequisites/limitations, would that have been helpful?


Yes of course, it would be very helpful. :top:


So, thanks all, I am registered now.


Only Maidsafe can do that, so maybe ping them @nicklambert

We did make it a pinned topic for newbies. But often reading is more the issue. Often reading the instructions is only done as a last resort and asking is done before that. This is more difficult at the moment than most because of the spamming issue, but that should change later on.

Agreed, we had been discussing that for the new site so makes to do so with the existing one. @SarahPentland - I’ve created a task and assigned this over to you, I think we’ll need to put the trust level requirement on the home page possibly under ‘Download and connect to the network first before attempting to run any apps.’ Thanks.